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"Anacrusis" was a progressive/melodic thrash metal band from St. Louis, MO. Anacrusis was one of the first bands that attempted to blend thrash and progressive metal.


* Ken Nardi - Guitars, Vocals

* Kevin Heidbreder - Guitars

* John Emery - Bass

* Paul Miles - Drums


* Chad Smith (G/Z/R) - Drums

* Mike Owens - Drums

* Suffering Hour (1988)

* Reason (1990)

* Manic Impressions (1991)

* Screams and Whispers (1993)

* Official Site Includes full high quality mp3s for all their albums, as well as a lot of their demos.

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years active 1984 – 1994
origin St. Louis, Missouri, United States
status Disbanded
music genre Progressive metal, Thrash Metal
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source: Wikipedia