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"Ancient" is a Norwegian metal band that started as a solo project of guitarist ''Aphazel'' in 1992, subsequently adding drummer ''Grimm''. Time went; they released their debut album, shortly after which ''Grimm'' left the band. ''Aphazel'' then moved to the United States, formed a new line-up and became obsessed with vampirism.

Ancient used to have a raw black metal sound, similar to Darkthrone's works. Beginning with ''The Cainian Chronicle'', they moved towards a more Nordic/atmospheric blackmetal sound, like Emperor. After a period of turmoil concerning their line-up, including the exit of founder ''Aphazel'', they went on to add Gothic-style instruments such as violins, female vocals and synthesizers to their music. Most of their records, with the exception of ''Det Glemte Riket'', have been issued on Metal Blade Records.

* ''Svartalvheim'' (1994)

* ''Trolltaar'' (1994) EP

* ''The Cainian Chronicle'' (1996)

* ''Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends'' (1997)

* ''Halls of Eternity'' (1999)

* ''Det Glemte Riket'' (1999)

* ''Proxima Centauri'' (2001)

* ''Night Visit'' (2004)

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