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Andy Park

Andy Park

"Andy Park" (born July 3, 1975) is an American comic book artist, illustrator, and concept artist. He has illustrated several comic book series including ''Tomb Raider'', published by Top Cow Productions, ''Alias: Agent Bristow'' based on the Emmy award winning television series, and ''Uncanny X-Men''. He has illustrated several covers as the regular cover artist for several Marvel Comics, including ''Excalibur'', ''Weapon X'', and ''Mutopia X''. Besides comic book work, Andy has also contributed his illustrations to several magazines including ''Maxim'', ''Flex'', ''PSM'', and ''Wizard''. Besides being a comic book artist, Andy is also a concept artist. He has worked at studios such as Liquid Entertainment, and Sony Computer Entertainment America as a visual development artist on such video game titles as "Dungeons and Dragons: Dragonshard", and "God of War 2" (based on the award winning franchise video game, "God of War").

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