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Andy Stochansky

"Andy Stochansky" is a Canadian singer-songwriter signed to RCA U.S. in 2000 where he released his debut CD entitled " 5 Star Motel". After much radio attention from singles " Wonderful (It's Superman)" and "Stutter" produced by Tom Rothrock he completes 2nd CD produced by Goo Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Rzeznik entitled "100". The first single from 100 entitled "Shine" is covered by Australian Shannon Noll and reaches Number 1 immediately staying in the Top Ten Chart for weeks. He was also the drummer in Ani DiFranco's band from 1993 to 1998. As well as drums Andy plays the piano and guitar. Stochansky is now writing and cowriting for other artists between Los Angeles and Toronto. He guest-starred on the WB series ''Charmed'' as himself in the episode Spin City.

*''While You Slept'' (1992)

*''Radio Fusebox'' (1999)

*''Five Star Motel'' (2002)

*''100'' (2005)


* Andy Stochansky's homepage

Stochansky, Andy

Stochansky, Andy

Stochansky, Andy

Stochansky, Andy


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