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"Angelfish" was an alternative rock band from Scotland. The band was made up mostly of former members of the band Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie.

Although Shirley Manson was not a very active member of the group, she is the best known of them, because the band helped launch her career as the vocalist for the band Garbage. Originally, she only played keyboards and did some back-up vocals, but was eventually given the role of lead vocals. The rest of the Angelfish—Martin Metcalfe, Fin Wilson and Derek Kelly—are now in the band Isa & the Filthy Tongues, whose debut album was released in May of 2006.

Angelfish had a small hit with the single "Suffocate Me", which had caught the eye of producer Steve Marker when aired on MTV's 120 minutes in the early hours of the morning. Steve Marker was working on a project with Nirvana producer Butch Vig. Vig soon after asked Manson to join his project (the band Garbage) which led to Angelfish breaking up soon afterwards.

* Shirley Manson - vocals (originally keyboard and back-up vocals)

* Martin Metcalf - guitar (originally vocals as well)

* Fin Wilson - bass

* Derek Kelly - drums

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Background group or band
Origin Scotland
Genre alternative rock
Years active 1993–1994
Associated acts Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, Garbage (band)
Current members Shirley Manson
Martin Metcalf
Fin Wilson
Derek Kelly
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia