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"Angra" is a power metal band from São Paulo, Brazil known for putting regional elements in their songs.

Angra was formed in 1991 by ex-Spitfire duo guitarist Rafael Bittencourt and drummer Marco Antunes, as well as vocalist André Matos, who had recently left Viper, former Firebox bassist Luís Mariutti and guitarist Kiko Loureiro.

After almost an entire year of rehearsal they released the grandiose demo Reaching Horizons in 1992 which was received very positively by critics and achieved unexpected success both in Brazil and Europe. It was one of the first releases from Limb Music Products, which later would become one of Europe´s premier power metal specialty labels.

Before recording their first album Angels Cry, Marco Antunes left the band and was shortly replaced by Sieges Even´s drummer Alex Holzwarth for the recording sessions; he was later replaced by Ricardo Confessori. This change established Angra in its most enduring and prolific form, which lasted from 1993 to 2000. Angels Cry was recorded at Gamma Ray guitarist Kai Hansen´s studio in Hamburg, Germany. The album included performances by Heavens Gate vocalist Sascha Paeth as well as Gamma Ray guitar...

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