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Ani DiFranco

"Ani DiFranco" (IPA: ɑ-ni) (born "Angela Marie Difranco" on September 23, 1970) is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She is known as a prolific artist (having released at least one album every year since 1990, with the exception of 2000) with a devoted cult following, and is seen by many as a feminist icon.

Born in Buffalo, New York to a Jewish American mother and an Italian-American father, DiFranco, the daughter of two folk music loving parents, started playing Beatles' covers at local bars and busking with her guitar teacher, Michael Meldrum, at the age of nine, and built her career from there.

In 1989, at the age of eighteen, DiFranco started her own record company, Righteous Babe Records, with just $50, and recorded ''Ani DiFranco'', issued in the winter of 1990. Later on she relocated to New York City, where she took poetry classes at the New School and toured vigorously.

She is openly bisexual, as described in her song "In Or Out", and, in 1998, married sound engineer Andrew Gilchrist. They separated five years later but remain friends. Befor...

Background solo singer
Born September 23 1970 in Buffalo, New York
Instrument Guitar, Bass guitar
Genre Folk rock
Years active 1990–present
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source: Wikipedia