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Anna Waronker

"Anna Waronker", born in Los Angeles, California, July 10, 1972), is a singer/songwriter, best known as the former frontwoman of that dog.. She is the daughter of producer Lenny Waronker and actress/musician Donna Loren and sister of session drummer Joey Waronker.

After growing up in a very music-oriented home, Anna formed the band that would become that dog. after graduating from high school. that dog released three critically acclaimed albums. that dog. toured with such acts as Beck, Weezer, and Blur. that dog. consisted of Anna on lead vocals and guitar, Petra Haden on violin, Rachel Haden on bass, and Tony Maxwell on drums. Anna separated from that dog. when they announced their breakup in 1997 after their third album ''Retreat From The Sun'', which had originally been intended as Anna's first solo record.

Anna has contributed much music to films and television, including ''Josie and the Pussycats'', and the telvision series ''Clueless'' (1996-1999), where she collaborated with Charlotte Caffey (the Go-Go's). With her husband ''Steve McDonald'' (''Redd Kross'') Anna produced ''Imperial Teen"s third album On. Five of Anna Waronker's songs were featured on ...

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