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Antigone Rising

"Antigone Rising" is an all-women rock band with members from New Jersey and Long Island, New York, USA. Their music is influenced by classic rock from the 1970s such as Led Zeppelin, mixed with pop overtones and at times folk and country elements. They originally formed at Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA) in the late 1980s, with sisters Cathy (guitar) and Kristen Henderson (drums) as the primary force, and Penelope "Peppy" Kokines taking lead vocals. Later members would include Sue Obolsky (lead vocals), Agona Hardison (lead vocals), Terri Avella (bass) and Ann-Marie Stehn (bass).

In the mid-1990s in New York City, the Henderson sisters re-grouped and started playing gigs (initially in Bleecker Street venues including The Back Fence, Cafe Figaro and The Bitter End) with lead vocalist Cassidy, a self-taught singer who had previously sung in church and with a high school girl band, Jen Zielenbach on bass and Dena Tauriello on drums. They are the current lineup of Antigone Rising, which now reportedly performs 200 or more shows per year. The band is known for earning a dedicated fanbase very early on that follow them from concert to concert all along the East Coast and inc...

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