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Antonio Vivaldi

: ''For the two explorers who sailed into the Atlantic in 1291, see Vandino and Ugolino Vivaldi''.

"Antonio Lucio Vivaldi" (March 4, 1678, Venice – July 28 (or 27), 1741, Vienna), nicknamed ''Il Prete Rosso'' ("The Red Priest"), was an Italian priest and baroque music composer, as well as a famous violinist.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born on March 4, 1678 in Venice, Italy. He was baptized immediately at his home by the midwife due to "danger of death" . It is not determined what that means, but it probably referred to the infant's poor health or the earthquake that shook the city that day. Vivaldi's official church baptism (at least, the rites which remained other than the actual baptism itself) did not take place until two months later. His father, Giovanni Battista, a barber before becoming a professional violinist, taught him to play violin at first and then toured Venice playing violin with his son. Vivaldi had a medical problem which he called the ''tightening of the chest'' (probably some form of asthma). His medical problem, however, did not prevent him from learning to play the violin, composing and taking part in the prescribed musical activities. At ...

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