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"Anyone" is a band from Southern California that emerged from the short lived Sylvia project. They have described their music using the term ''maximum acid'', as a subgenre of psychedelic music. Anyone is largely the brainchild of Riz Story, the band's lead singer and guitarist, and also the only member of the band that has remained since its inception.

Their influences include Jane's Addiction and Tool.

*Riz Story: lead vocals, guitars

*Gretchen Menn: guitars, keyboards

*Miles Martin: bass

*Lincoln Nesto: drums

"2001-2004 period":

*Static (2001-2003) Bass Bassist on first release.

*Nipples (2001-2002) Drums Original drummer for first release.

*Ransom (2002-2004) Drums joined after Nipples left.

"2004-2006" period:

*Boano (2004-2006) drums

*Miki Black (2004-2006) guitars and keyboards

*''Anyone'' (2001)

*''The Story of Maximum Acid'' - DVD

*''A Little Sip'' (A 5 song EP due to be released on June 1st, featuring songs from the upcoming LP)

*''Sip the Pleasure of Days'' (still being worked on)

* Official web...

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