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Apocalypse Hoboken

"Apocalypse Hoboken" were a punk rock band from Chicago. The band had been together, in various incarnations, since their final year of high school (1987), and despite extensive touring and many releases, failed to achieve much recognition. In 2001 the band split up for good, with some members going on to lead normal lives and others pursuing alternative musical pursuits.

''This was the line up at the time the band split up.''

*"Todd Pott" - Vocals

*"Scott A." - Guitar

*"Sean" - Guitar

*"Kurt Buddha" - Bass Guitar

*"Andrew" - Drums

*''Yes, But...'' (1989, Self-Released) - (cassette)

*''Green Monster'' (1990, Fullon Records) - (7")

*''Punish the Innocent'' (1992, Fullon Records) - (cassette)

*''The Kingpin'' (1993, Dick Records) - (7")

*''Strikes Back'' (1993, Dick Records) - (7")

*''Superincredibleheavydutydudes'' (1994, Dyslexic Records) - (CD)

:* Reissued in 1997 by Labyrinth Media

*''Jerk Lessons'' (1994, Dyslexic Records) - (10")

:* Reissued in 1998 by Dyslexic/Choke Inc.

*''Daterape Nation'' (1994, Johanns Face Records) - (2x7")

*''Sassy's Cute Band Alert'' (1994, Dyslexic Records) - (7")

:* Split with Sidekick Kato

*''Easy In...

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