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"Arcturus" is an avant garde metal band formed in Norway in 1987 under the name ''Mortem''. In 1990, the band changed their name to Arcturus (meaning ''Guardian of Bears''), likely after the Behenian fixed star Arcturus.

The band has released four official full-length albums thus far, all based in the avant garde genre of music and very theatrical in their essence. Arcturus has experimented with music, extracting influences and incorporating elements from all over the spectrum of music (black metal, classical music, pop, electronica, metal, trip-hop), but the band is rooted as a metal outfit.

Arcturus is best known for their 1997 album ''La Masquerade Infernale''.


* ''Slow Death (Demo)'' - Self-Released (1987)

* ''Slow Death EP'' - Putrefaction Records (1989)


* ''Promo 90 (Demo)'' - Self-Released (1990)

* ''My Angel LP'' - Putrefaction Records (1991)

* ''Constellation MCD/MLP'' - Nocturnal Art (1994)

* ''Aspera Hiems Symfonia'' - Ancient Lore/Misanthropy/Century Black (1995)

* ''Constellation LP'' - Nocturnal Art (1997)

* ''La Masquerade Infernale'' - Misanthropy/Music For Nations (1997)

* ''Disguised Masters'' - Jester Records (1999)


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