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Ark may refer to:

In religion:

  • Ark (synagogue), a cabinet used to store a synagogue's Torah scroll
  • Ark of the Covenant, consecrated container for Moses's tablets of Ten Commandments
  • Ark of bulrushes, infant Moses's boat
  • Noah's Ark, a massive vessel Noah built at God's command to keep him, his family, and a core breeding stock of the worldâs animals safe

In geography:

  • Ark, Virginia
  • Alternative abbreviation for Arkansas
  • The Ark (Fortress) in Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Relating to technology:

  • Ark (computing), an archiving tool
  • Ark Linux, a software distribution
  • Interstellar ark, a conceptual multi-lifetime space vehicle

Relating to narratives:

  • Ark (2005 film), a 2005 computer-generated imagery movie directed by Kenny Hwang
  • The Ark (Transformers), an Autobot spacecraft in the fictional Transformers Universe
  • The Ark (Doctor Who), a series of fiction episodes
  • Ark (Noon Universe), a fictional planet...
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