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"Armageddon" was a Swedish melodic metal band, led by Christopher Amott of Arch Enemy. Originally concieved as a melodic death metal band, the group's later efforts fall into the power metal category. The band has released three albums in Japan to date.

Formed in Halmstad, Sweden, in 1997 by Christopher Amott, Armageddon began when Arch Enemy were invited to Japan to sign a new record deal with Toy's Factory records after the release of the ''Black Earth'' album. While in Japan, Christopher secured his own record deal for a solo project, which became Armageddon. When he returned to Sweden, he recruited drummer Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Majestic), bassist Martin Bengtsson, and vocalist Jonas Nyrén (In Thy Dreams).

The band released their debut album, ''Crossing the Rubicon'' on the now defunct W.A.R. records in 1997. The album, which some consider to be a concept album, was well received by critics and fans. ''Crossing the Rubicon'' focused on melodic death metal, but incorporated instrumentals and special effects pieces between each song. The album was released by the same label that released Arch Enemy's first album in Japan, but the label folded soon after the...

years active1997-2002
countryHalmstad, Sweden
music genreMelodic death metal
Power metal
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