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Artcell (or ArtCell?) is a progressive metal band of Bangladesh. The band is arguably the first progressive metal band of the country and usually experiments with tunes from other metal genres such as speed and thrash metal.

==History and Formation=

The current band members were school friends in Dhaka. Ershad used to be the guitarist of a band named Tantrik back in 1999. Current vocalist, Lincoln, joined Tantrik just before the group disbanded. They were looking for a bassist and a drummer, when through friends, they met Cezanne and Shaju.

The members later renamed their band to Artcell in August 1999 and the band was officially formed in November 1999.

This is the first artist group in South Asia who have their over 20,000 copies album sold only at the first day of release!

==Influence and lyrics=

The band cites American metal group, Metallica, as their main influence, although they also name Dream Theater as a very important inspiration. They also occasionally quote Pink Floyd as an influence.

Their lyrics typically highlight anger about social i...

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