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"''Ash"'' are a rock band that formed in Downpatrick (Northern Ireland) in 1992. The media originally pegged Ash's music as Britpop when the band first found mainstream success, but the band's musical style in fact spans a number of genres including punk, power pop, grunge and hard rock.

The original band members were Tim Wheeler (vocals and guitar), Mark Hamilton (bass guitar) and Rick McMurray (drums). The three were joined by Charlotte Hatherley (guitar and vocals) in 1997 who, as of 2005, also began a solo career as a side-project. On the 20th January, 2006, Hatherley's record label, Double Dragon Music announced her departure from the band.

Initially inspired by Twisted Sister and Iron Maiden in the early 1990s, Tim and Mark formed a heavy metal band called Vietnam with a few schoolfriends. After barely two gigs they were left on their own when the others left. Requiring a drummer they had a few drinks with Rick, who was in the year above them at school and had switched from playing the guitar to drums. They then ambitiously set out to develop their own music now inspired by grunge bands such as Nirvana, Mudhoney and the Pixies.


Ash officially...

years active 1992–present
country Northern Ireland
music genre Alternative rock
past members Charlotte Hatherley (1997-2006)
current members Tim Wheeler
Mark Hamilton
Rick McMurray
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia