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Asphyx was a Dutch death metal band. The band was formed in 1987. The band featured former Pestilence singer Martin van Drunen in the early 1990s and had signed to Century Media Records. In 1998, they changed their name to Soulburn. In 2000 they renamed back into Asphyx. Their music was largely death metal based, but they melded forms of doom metal and thrash metal into their music. Asphyx disbanded in 2001.


  • Bob Bagchus - drums
  • Eric Daniels - guitars
  • Martin van Drunen - Vocals, Bass (1991-1992)
  • Theo Looman - Vocals, Bass (1996)
  • Wannes Gubbels - Vocals, Bass
  • Ron van der Pol - Vocals (1992-1994)
  • Ronny van der Wey - Guitars (1996)
  • Sander van Hoof - drums (1994)


  • Carnage Remains (1988, Demo)
  • Enter the Domain (1989, Demo)
  • Crush the Cenotaph (1990, Demo)
  • Mutilating Process (1989, EP)
  • The Rack (1991)
  • Crush the Cenotaph (1992, EP)
  • Last one on Earth (1992)
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