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Asylum Street Spankers

Asylum Street Spankers

The "Asylum Street Spankers", formed in Austin, Texas in 1994, is an American swing, jazz, and dirty-blues band. Their tone is raucous and irreverent, and their material often concerns illicit drug references and sexual connotations. For many years, they performed their show acoustically, without any type of amplification at all.

The band derived its name from an Austin street where they would often busk that was nicknamed Asylum Street, now named Guadalupe Street, and the term "spanker" which is an old musician's term for "one who plays his instrument vigorously and proficently". It was along Guadalupe that the group played a number of early shows; Asylum Street led to a state asylum.

*Christina Marrs


*Scott Marcus

*PB Shane

*Nevada Newman


*Pops Bayless

*Korey Thornton

*Guy Forsythe

*Stanley Smith

*Reese Gray

*Mysterious John Dodson

*Col. Josh Arnson

*Leroy Biller

*Kevin Smith

*Adam "Tiny" Booker

*"Salty" John Salmon

*Jimmie Dean

*Eamon McLaughlin

*Charlie Rose

*Brent Martins

*Olivier Giraud

*Mike Henry

*Paul Schlichting

*Django Porter

*Gareth Broesche

*Matt Weiner

*Billy Horton


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