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"Atomship" is a progressive rock band hailing from southern Mississippi. Originally called Watership Down (inspired by the book of the same name), its members include vocalist Joey Culver, guitarist Nathan Slade, and drummer Chad Kent. They changed their band's name upon signing with Wind-Up Records and Derek Pardoe's (original writer/singer/bassist) self removal from the project, to avoid copyright issues; the name ''Atomship'' derives from their former name, as well as that book's author, Richard Adams. Their first album,(written by original members Nathan Slade, Derek Pardoe and Chad Kent) The Crash Of '47, so named after the famous Roswell incident, was released in 2004.

The band is currently working with some producers in L.A., California, for their second album release in 2006. The band has added a couple new members and has began recording a new album under a different band name. The new band will not include guitarist Nathan Slade.

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