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Attaque 77

Attaque 77 ("Attack 77") is an Argentinian punk rock group formed in 1989.


Formed in 1987 as a group of friends that joined to play their favorite songs, most of them by The Ramones, their favorite band and the one that most influenced them, they went into stage with the same punk style, lyrics with proletarian contents (about exploited factory workers, etc.) and the jean jackets that were one of their signatures in their beginnings. Though is difficult to recognize them now, because they have changed in many aspects and grown with their music, they are still one of the best and most famous Argentine punk groups in Latin America. When they were just starting, they played the monotonous punk style characteristic of the punk groups of the late 1980s, but they now play a modern style of the likes of the neo punk. Also they do not wear denim anymore as it has become a fashion and they dislike fashion.

High points in the band's history we include the album El Cielo Puede Esperar (Heaven can wait), which made them famous; the high-selling album Amén and the successful 2004 album Antihumano (Ant...
years active 1987– present
status active
origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
music genre Punk rock
current members Demián "Ciro" Pertusi
Mariano Martínez
Luciano Scaglione
Leonardo "Chito" de Cecco

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source: Wikipedia