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"Audiovent" (formerly known as Vent) was a band that formed in Calabasas, California in the early 1990's when all of the members were still in high school.

The original members included Jason Boyd (lead vocals), Benjamin Einziger (guitar, backing vocals), Paul Fried (bass), and Jamin Wilcox (drums, backing vocals). In 2001, the band signed with Atlantic Records and began recording their first major label album, ''Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris''. The first song released off of the album was entitled "The Energy" and got significant national airplay on the radio along with its video. However, due to the fact that Jason and Ben were the younger brothers of Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger of Incubus, charges of nepotism plagued the group. However, it is worth noting that Audiovent was quite different musically from Incubus, playing more straight ahead streamlined rock compared to Incubus' ever evolving So-Cal sound. Also Jason gained a reputation for his high-energy flamboyent stage presence compared to his normally stoic older brother. "Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris" received ok reviews from the press, with many labeling it too slick and over-produced especially compared to the ban...

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