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Augustana is a band that was originally formed when the first members met at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. Dan Layus and Rosen had found success and had decided to quit school and move out to Los Angeles to find further success. Then-bassist Simeon Lorhmann decided to stay and finish school (after which he joined the band Pennington). The new group was officially formed in California in 2004. Their first major-label album, All the Stars and Boulevards, was produced by Epic Records and catapulted them into spotlight. The band is perhaps best known for its single, "Boston," the music video for which features the lead singer on a beach full of pianos. Characterized by piano lines and the breathy vocals of Dan Layus (the lead singer), Augustana's sound is at once contemplative and slow, but also captivating. Josiah Rosen left the band in april of 2006 and is currently recording his first solo record.

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==Band members=

  • Dan Layus: lead vocals, piano, guitar
  • Jared Palomar: ...
    years active 2003-present
    country California, United States
    status Active
    music genre Alternative rock
    current members Dan Layus
    Josiah Rosen
    Jared Palomar
    Justin South
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

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