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Autopilot Off

"Autopilot Off" is a North American punk rock band from Orange County, New York. The band is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

Autopilot Off formed in 1996 under the name Cooter. They slowly gained in popularity by doing live shows throughout the 90's while sharing the stage with more popular bands such as MXPX, H2O and Sum 41. They eventually recorded their first full length album, Looking Up. They then signed with their major label, Island Records shortly afterwards. After this they released their eponymous debut EP in the spring of 2002, later to be renamed Autopilot Off.

In 2004, under their new name Autopilot Off, they released their major debut album, ''Make a Sound''. This included the single "What I Want", which was co-written by Rancid's Tim Armstrong.

* Chris Johnson - Vocals, guitar

* Chris Hughes - Guitar

* Rob Kucharek - Bass

* Phil Robinson - Drums

* ''Looking Up'' (1999)

* ''Autopilot Off'' (EP, 2002)

* ''Regenerator'' (EP, 2003)

* ''Make a Sound'' (2004)


* ''Make a Sound'' was featured on Burnout 3.

* ''Clockwork'' featured on both SSX3 and NHL 2004.

* ''Chromatic Fades'' featured in NASCAR Thunder 2004.


years active 1996-2005
origin Orange County, New York, United States
music genre Punk Rock
current members Chris Johnson (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia