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Baby Animals

"Baby Animals" were a 1990s hard rock band from Australia. Formed in 1990 by vocalist Suze DeMarchi, drummer Frank Celenza, guitarist Dave Leslie and bass player Eddie Parise. They scored an immediate domestic No. 1 single with "Early Warning" and featured further Top 10 hits with "Painless", "Rush You" and "One Word". Their eponymous debut album ''Baby Animals'' was issued in February 1992 and went multi-platinum. In 1993, the group issued ''Shaved and Dangerous'' and attempted to break into the international market. However, on the verge of their first major US tour, their US-based record company Imago Records folded. Following contractual problems and DeMarchi requiring surgery for her vocal cords, the band split. DeMarchi eventually marrying guitarist Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme and releasing a solo album, ''Telelove'' in 1999.

* Suze DeMarchi - Vocals

* Dave Leslie - Guitars

* Eddie Parise - Bass guitar

* Frank Celenza - Drums and percussion

* ''Baby Animals'' (1992)

* ''Shaved and Dangerous'' (1993)

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