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"The Babys" were a popular British rock group of the 1970s.

The name was chosen to give them a greater chance of a recording contract as they felt companies were leaning towards the teen market. The cover of "Broken Heart" with the group members in make-up may have been part of this marketing ploy.

The music and lyrics were melodic, sensitive and far from shallow and the packaging may have affected the groups appeal to wider audiences. The overall result was that the Babys seemed to live in the shadow of other Chrysalis artists Blondie and Pat Benatar.

The classic early 1976-1978 Babys line-up consisted of vocalist/bassist John Waite, drummer Tony Brock, Keyboard player/guitarist Michael Corby, and guitarist Wally Stocker. From 1979-1981, the Babys line-up consisted of vocalist John Waite, drummer Tony Brock, bassist Ricky Phillips, guitarist Wally Stocker and keyboardist Jonathan Cain.

"Broken Heart" produced a top 20 U.S. hit "Isn't it Time" and they continued to tour the U.S. successfully. It spent two weeks at number one in Australia but the album did not produce another top 40 single.

Early in 1979 "Everytime I think of You" from "Head First" again rea...

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