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:''This article is about the band Babyshambles. For the set of recordings made by The Libertines in New York, see Babyshambles Sessions

"Babyshambles" (also sometimes "Baby Shambles") is a band created and fronted by Pete Doherty, who rose to fame in The Libertines. The band has received large amounts of tabloid attention due to Doherty's drug addiction, their shambolic live performances and their frequent failures to show up at scheduled gigs.

The band was formed towards the end of Doherty's time in The Libertines as a response after he was not allowed back into the band by Carl BarĂ¢t, his co-frontman, due to his drug habit. Initially viewed as a side-project, they have now released an album and several top 10 singles, and can be viewed as a band in their own right.

Babyshambles was created by Doherty during his first forced absence from The Libertines, in mid 2003. He was not allowed to play with them unless he tackled his drug addictions, and so wanted a different creative outlet. He recruited an old friend and once a brief member of The Libertines Steve Bedlow, commonly referred to as Scarborough Steve, on vocals. He named the band Babyshambles, a title whic...

years active 2004 – present
status active
origin England
music genre Garage Rock , Indie rock
current members Pete Doherty (Singer/Guitar)
Adam Ficek (Drums)
Drew Mcconnell (Bass guitar
past members Scarborough Steve (Singer)
Gemma Clarke (Drums)
Patrick Walden (Guitar)
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source: Wikipedia