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Bad Brains

The Bad Brains are an extremely influential American all-black hardcore punk and reggae band, originally formed in Washington, DC in 1977. They are widely considered the pioneers of hardcore punk.

Originally formed as a jazz fusion ensemble, the Bad Brains developed a very fast and intense punk rock sound, which was both musically complex and more extreme than most of their punk rock contemporaries. The Bad Brains are one of the first American hardcore punk bands, commonly cited by many fans as the first hardcore band, though this is not surprisingly under persisting debate. They were also an adept reggae band, in a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde arrangement, while later recordings featured elements of funk and heavy metal. The Bad Brains were also notable as religious Rastafarians.

The Bad Brains broke up and reformed several times over the years, sometimes with different singers and/or drummers. The group's classic lineup features singer H.R., guitarist Dr. Know, bass guitarist Darryl Jennifer, and drummer Earl Hudson.

The band was first founded as a fairly ordinary jazz-fusion ensemble called Mind Power, with singer Sid McCray years active 1977–1984, 1986–1987, 1989–1995, 2003–Present status Active country Washington, District of Columbia music genre Hardcore punk
Heavy metal
Dub current members H.R. (singer) past members Sid McCray
Israel Joseph I
Chuck Mosely
Mackie Jayson

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