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"Barney" may refer to:

"Fictional characters:"

*Barney & Friends, a children's TV show (about Barney, a dinosaur)

*Barney Calhoun, a character in the computer games Half-Life and Half-Life 2

*Barney Fife, a character from The Andy Griffith Show

*Barney Gumble, a character from The Simpsons

*Barney Rubble, a character from The Flintstones

*Barney Bear, a cartoon series

*Barney Google, a character in a comic-strip of the same name


*Lem Barney, a former American football player

*Matthew Barney, a sculptor and film artist

*Natalie Clifford Barney (1876–1972), a writer and salonist

*Scott Barney, an ice hockey player in the NHL

*Barney Frank, Massachusetts representative to U.S. Congress

*Barney Hill, an alleged UFO abductee

*Barnett Isaacs Barnato, a financier of the late 19th century

*Raymond van Barneveld, a Dutch darts player

*Mark Greenway, a British singer


*Barney, Georgia

*Barney, North Dakota


*Barney Miller, an American TV show from the 1970s

*Barneys New York, a department store

*Sigma Lambda Beta, a fraternity known as "The Barneys"

*Barney (dog), a pet of U.S. President George W. Bu...

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