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"Battle" are a UK post punk/indie rock band. The band were originally known as 'Killing Moon' but after too many comments regarding the song of the same name by Echo And The Bunnymen they decided on the name Battle. Their first single, "Isabelle" was released on 24 April 2005 on Fierce Panda Records. Their next single of their permanent home, Transgressive Records was "Demons". Released on September 26 2005. it sold out its 1,500 copies in a day. A free download in Wicked Owl was then released, followed by their first chart single, Tendency, which hit the top 40 at no.37, Their sound has been described as a mixture of "cyclical guitar hooks and angular rhythmic patterns", and they've been compared to the likes of Radiohead, Bloc Party, New Order, Coldplay and The Cure.

The band are managed by former Drowned In Sound writer Gareth Dobson who DJ's around London under the pseudonym G-Man.

* Jason Bavanandan – vocals / guitar

* Oliver Davies – drums

* James Ellis – guitar

* Tim Scudder – bass


*Break the Banks (11/9/2006)


*Isabelle / Feel The Same (24/4/2005)

*Demons (26/9/2005)

*Tendency (13/3/2006) "37"

*Children (5/6/2006...

2005- (as Battle) 2004 (Killing Moon) origin London, England
music genre post punk/indie rock
current members Jason Bavanandan
Oliver Davies
James Ellis
Tim Scudder
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia