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Battlefield Band

Battlefield Band are a Scottish traditional music group. Founded in Glasgow in the 1970s, they have undergone several changes of lineup, though founder member Alan Reid has remained a constant presence; several former members, notably John McCusker?, have developed distinguished solo careers. The band is noted for their combination of bagpipes with other instruments, and their mix of traditional songs and tunes with new material.

The band's current brand of music was developed when Brian McNeill? and Alan Reid were joined by Jenny Clark (vocals, guitar, cittern, dulcimer) and Duncan McGillivray? (pipes and whistle). Stand Easy, the album they recorded in 1979 still stands up as one of the band's finest. The next line-up included Dougie Pincock (bagpipes) and Jim and Sylvia Barnes, Alan Reid (vocals and electric keyboards) and Brian MacNeill? (fiddle). Reid has been a constant member ever since.


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