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"Bauhaus" is a British rock band formed in Northampton in 1978. The band took their name from the German Bauhaus art movement, originally going by the name "Bauhaus 1919", dropping the latter portion within a year of the band's formation. The font used by the band for the band name on album covers and other products is the same font used on the Bauhaus college building in Dessau, Germany. Although there were bands before them that pre-figured the style, Bauhaus is generally agreed to have been the first gothic rock group.

Bauhaus combined a number of influences (punk music, glam rock, even funk and dub) to create a gloomy, but very passionate sound which appealed to many left looking for something new in the wake of punk's collapse. Their sound proved very influential, inspiring or bringing attention to a whole wave of post-punk groups delving in the intense, gloomy style that would eventually come to be known as gothic rock. Its crucial elements were the innovative guitar playing of Daniel Ash and the jazz-influenced bass of David J. Bauhaus remains one of the most popular groups of the genre.

Daniel, David and Kevin had known each other since childhood, and ...

years active 1978 – 1983, 1998, 2005 – present
country England
status Active
music genre Post-punk, Gothic rock
current members Peter Murphy (musician)
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source: Wikipedia