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Beanbag was an Australian band that formed in 1995 and broke up in late 2002.

The group comprised core members vocalist Hans Van Vliet, guitarist Michael Mullins, bassist Phil "Hirvy" Hirvela, and drummer Phil Usher. Steven Lewis-Driver assumed the bass position when Hirvy left the band in early 2002. Jesse Palmer also filled in on guitar after Michael returned to Australia a couple months before the band's demise.

Beanbag released three albums. Guttersnipe was released independently in 1998. They also had two albums on American label Inpop Records, Free Signal (2000) and Welladjusted (2001). During their time in the United States, Beanbag toured extensively, were nominated for two GMA Awards, and had songs featured on several television soundtracks.

The band broke up after a van accident that occurred while driving back to Nashville. The driver swerved to avoid a deer on the interstate. The van and the trailer filled with their gear ended up in a ditch. Hunz was taken to the hospital where he stayed for three days with lung damage. With no vehicle, no gear, and no vocalist, they had very little choice except ...

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