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Belinda Carlisle

"Belinda Carlisle" (born Belinda Jo Carlisle; also known as Belinda Kurczeski) on August 17, 1958 in Hollywood, California, is the lead vocalist and a founding member of the boundary-breaking, all-female rock & roll band The Go-Go's. She is also a successful solo artist whose unique beauty and limited but distinctive voice made her a radio and video favorite. Her international career has outlasted her American heyday of the 1980's, and her European image remains that of the quintessential (though no-longer blonde) California girl. Recognized in the industry as a hard-working but shy and somewhat reluctant star, Carlisle has displayed great visual flair throughout her solo career and her instincts have served her well.

Carlisle's first venture into music was a brief stint as drummer for the punk band The Germs, under the name "Dottie Danger" although illness prevented her from ever performing with them live. Soon after leaving this band she founded The Go-Go's (originally named The Misfits) with friend and fellow music novice Jane Wiedlin. With bassist-turned-guitarist Charlotte Caffey, guitarist-turned-bassist Kathy Valentine, and powerhouse drummer Gina Schock, the Go-Go...

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