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Bell X1

"Bell X1" are an Irish band, hailing from North County Kildare, Ireland.

Originally known as Juniper, they became a quartet with the departure of lead vocalist Damien Rice and rechristened themselves Bell X1. Drummer Paul Noonan became the band's new frontman. This move heralded a significant shift in the band's style as Noonan and guitarist Dave Geraghty's writing styles came to the fore. Also amongst the band's members are guitarist and keyboard player Brian Crosby and bassist Dominic Philips. Tim O' Donovan, who also fronts Neosupervital, performs drums for the band when they are on tour.

Bell X1 have released three albums to date; ''Neither Am I'' in 2001, ''Music In Mouth'' in 2003 and ''Flock'' which was released in 2005.

''Neither Am I'' was released only in Ireland and although it did not have a dramatic impact commercially the band did build up an incredibly devoted fanbase on the gig circuit, due in part perhaps to the popularity of Juniper. Their second album caused more of a splash, garnering greater fan acceptance and critical acclaim. The wider appeal of the band was also helped by the use of their song "Eve, The Apple Of My Eye" in a contentious episod...

years active 1999 – present
status active
origin Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland
music genre Soft Rock
current members Paul Noonan
Brian Crosby
Dominic Philips
David Geraghty
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia