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"Benediction" is a British death metal band from Birmingham. They were formed in February 1989.

The Birmingham-based death metal band Benediction were formed back in February 1989 around the line-up of Paul Adams (bass), Peter Rew (guitars), Darren Brookes (guitars) and Mark "Barney" Greenway (vocals). With the demo ''The Dreams You Dread'', released in the same year, they drew the interest of Nuclear Blast Records resulting in a record deal. Their first album, ''Subconscious Terror'' was released in 1990, followed by the departure of Barney, who joined Napalm Death. The debut was received well and a new vocalist, Dave Ingram was found soon. An extensive touring schedule 1991 saw the band back out with Bolt Thrower and Nocturnus.

After which they completed work on their second album, ''The Grand Leveller'' and the difference in the writing was a revelation, attracting international acclaim. Having already completed one European tour with Massacra during the year between the recording and the mixing of the album, the band now took to the road again with Dismember. After that tour Paul Adams departed, fed up with the road, work, the band. The band was back in studio in ...

years active 1989 –
status Active
countryUnited Kingdom
music genreDeath metal
current members Darren Brookes, Peter Rewinsky, Dave Hunt (musician)
past members Dave Ingram, Mark Greenway
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source: Wikipedia