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"Beulah" were an indie rock band from San Francisco, CA, often associated with the Elephant Six Collective.


The band was formed by Miles Kurosky and Bill Swan in San Francisco in 1996, while the pair were both working in the same office mail room. The pair discovered that they shared similar musical tastes and, disregarding their infamous mutual dislike, decided to form a band. This early incarnation of Beulah recorded a song every 6 weeks for 16 months, on their 4-track recorder. The band received attention from Apples in Stereo frontman and Elephant 6 member Robert Schneider, who expressed interest on releasing what was to be their first single, ''A Small Cattle Drive in a Snow Storm'', on Elephant 6 records. Their first album, ''Handsome Western States'', was released in the same year, also on Elephant 6 and mastered by Schneider. The record soon sold out. This association with the collective has continued throughout their career, despite the fact that they did not release anything more on the label - they are listed as being part of the close family of Elephant 6 bands, on the unofficial Elephant 6 website (apparently the most accurate...

origin San Francisco, California, United States
years active 1996–2004
music genre Indie rock
current members Miles Kurosky
Bill Swan
Pat Noel
Steve La Follette
Steve St. Cin
Danny Sullivan (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia