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Bif Naked

"Bif Naked" (born "Beth Torbert" on June 17, 1971) is a popular Canadian punk rock singer.

She was born in New Delhi, India and adopted by American missionaries; they eventually settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She graduated from John Taylor Collegiate and studied theatre at the University of Winnipeg. She had a cameo in the zombie horror film ''The House of the Dead'' which was filmed near her home in Vancouver, British Columbia. A noted poet, she has also released a number of spoken word albums. She is heavily tattooed, getting her first when she was 16 of an Egyptian Eye of Horus. Her tattoos now include a symbol of the Tao, Japanese writing, Buddhist poetry and images (such as the Bodhisattva), and Hindu imagery.

Bif has always been frank about her bisexuality, and the lyrics of her autobiographical songs detail her attractions to and relationships with both men and women. Bif is also a strict raw food vegan for health (as opposed to ethical or religious) reasons; she was diagnosed with a heart aneurysm three years ago. Corrective surgery was ruled out, and she now has been a vegan for eight years. Although it has certainly helped her condition, she could die at any...

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