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Biffy Clyro

"Biffy Clyro" are an alternative music trio, formed in 1995 in Ayrshire, Scotland.


The band started back in the mid-late ’90s, when school friends Simon Neil and Ben Johnston got their first guitar and drums respectively, soon after bringing Ben’s twin brother James in on bass. Initially called Screwfish, they soon changed the name to Biffy Clyro, allegedly as a result of a spoonerism relating to a Cliff Richard biro, although many other tales for the current name are given by the band members themselves, no one knows for sure how they got their name. In 1997, the trio relocated to Glasgow to study audio engineering and electronics in music, but primarily to turn Biffy Clyro into a full-time proposition.

Biffy Clyro first started by playing their aggressive pop tunes in the Glasgow club scene, eventually enjoying a stable and enthusiastic response from their audiences. After releasing their first EP, Thekidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow, via the Electric Honey record label, the band managed to secure some airplay on Scotland's BBC, which opened the way for even more notability within the Scottish music scene and opened the way for the band to tour the festival circuit...

years active 1995 – present
origin Scotland, United Kingdom
status Active
music genre Alternative rock
current members Simon Neil – Guitar, Vocals
James Johnston – Bass, Vocals
Ben Johnston – Drums, Vocals
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source: Wikipedia