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Bikini is a Hungarian rock band.


The band was formed in 1982 by singer Feró Nagy and guitarist József Vedres after the disband of Beatrice. Bassist Alajos Németh, his brother, drummer Gábor Németh and guitarist Gábor Szűcs Antal joined them and formed Bikini.

In the first years Bikini played punk music very similar to Beatrice. Frontman and songwriter Feró Nagy saw the band as a Beatrice-afterband, even covering some of their old songs. Most of their fans were the same as of Beatrice, going to concert not because of the band but because of the "Feró Nagy phenomenon". This formation released two albums "Hova lett..." in 1983 and "XX. századi híradó" in 1984 (without Gábor Szűcs Antal).

In 1985 Feró Nagy left the band. Singer Lajos D. Nagy came in his place, along with keyboardist Péter Gallai. This caused a great change in Bikini's style and image. During the late 1980s the band became a profes...

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