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Bill Stevenson

"Bill Stevenson" is an American musician. He is the drummer for the California punk rock group Descendents. In late December 1981 he played a few concerts with Black Flag because their drummer ROBO was detained in England after a tour there. After this he rejoined the Descendents and played with them until January 1983, when he rejoined Black Flag. He would return to the Descendents in April 1985, playing with them until Milo Aukerman left in 1987 to attend college. They then played with Dave Smalley of Dag Nasty under the name ALL. Aukerman reformed The Descendents in 1996 for the albums Everything Sucks and the newest, Cool To Be You. The band continues to tour (Warped Tour 04) between Bill's and Milo's careers as recording engineers and biochemists.

Stevenson gained a small amount of infamy when, several years ago, the now-defunct posted an interview wherein former Blink-182/Transplants/current Expensive Taste and (+44) drummer Travis Barker recounts that, when a teenager, he was treated rudely by Stevenson, whom Barker admired. Barker has since repeated this story, omitting Stevenson's name.

Bill Stevenson, along with Jason Livermore are the founders of the...

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