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Bill Withers

"Bill Withers" (born July 4 1938 in Slab Fork, West Virginia) is an American singer-songwriter who performed and recorded from the late 1960s until the mid 1980s.

Bill's father died when he was thirteen. He joined the US Navy at seventeen, and stayed there for nine years, before he moved to Los Angeles in 1967. While in Los Angeles, he worked in a Ford assembly plant in the day and performed in the jook joints during the night. When he debuted on the music scene with "Aint No Sunshine" he refused to give up his job at Ford because of his belief that the music business was a fickle industry and that he was still a novice compared to other working acts like the Temptations or Sammy Davis, Jr.

His first success was with the company Sussex Records in 1971 with his debut hit single "Ain't No Sunshine," on the album ''Just As I Am''. His second album ''Still Bill'' also did well on the charts. It included the well-known single "Lean on Me". His live album, ''Bill Withers, Live at Carnegie Hall'', released in 1972 was one of the best live albums to be released during the 1970s.

He has released albums from 1971 to 1985. Other popular songs he sings are "Use Me" and "Lovely D...

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