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Billy Bob Thornton

"Billy Bob Thornton" (born "William Robert Thornton" on August 4 1955) is an Academy Award-winning American screenwriter, actor, and also an occasional director, playwright and singer.


Thornton was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas to Billy Ray Thornton, a high school history teacher and basketball coach, and Virginia R. Faulkner, a psychic. His father was an Irish American and his mother was mostly of Anglo-Saxon descent, with distant Italian ancestry (from Thornton's great-grandfather, James R. Duce), as well as Choctaw Native American roots. Growing up, Thornton lived in both Alpine, Arkansas and Malvern, Arkansas, and also spent time with his grandfather, Otis Thornton, a forest ranger, in a small shack in the woods.


In his late twenties, Thornton settled on Los Angeles to pursue his career as an actor alongside future writing partner Tom Epperson. Like many other actors, Thornton had a difficult time succeeding as an actor while taking on several odd jobs such as telemarketing, fast food management, and any way to support himself while waiting for a big break. He suffered a bout of...

birth date August 4, 1955
birth place Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
occupation Actor, film director
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source: Wikipedia