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"Biohazard" was a band originally based out of Brooklyn, New York. They are acknowledged as one of the earliest bands to fuse hardcore punk and heavy metal with elements of hip hop music. The original lineup consisted of bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, guitarist Bobby Hambel, and drummer Anthony Meo. Guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei would join the band soon after, changing the three-piece to a four-piece.

The band formed in 1987 amongst an intense Brooklyn atmosphere, resulting in their writing of equally intense music. Their first demo caused a stir with journalists who felt that the band's lyrics displayed certain fascist and white supremacist views, ignoring the fact that both Seinfeld and Schuler are Jewish. The accusations of racism in their music were something strenuously denied by the band but in later interviews, Seinfeld and Graziadei explained that it had been a publicity stunt to win over the band Carnivore and their fans. The songs in question, appeared on a 1988 demo but are no longer played, or even mentioned. The band has long since preached an unbreaking message of tolerance and anti-racism. After the release of the demo, Anthony Meo left the band and dr...

years active 1987– 2006
status Active
country Brooklyn, New York, United States
music genre Crossover (music)#Crossover as music of mixed genres
past members Evan Seinfeld
Billy Graziadei
Danny Schuler
Scott Roberts
Anthony Meo
Bobby Hambel
Rob Echeverria
Leo Curley
Carmine Vincent
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source: Wikipedia