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"Blindside" is a Christian punk/hard rock/alternative rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. They formed in 1994 as "Underfree" and kept that name for two years before releasing their debut EP in 1996.

In 1997, Solid State Records got a hold of the EP and signed Blindside. The first album, which was self-titled, was released to American audiences. This album had quite a raw, punk-rock feel and was well-received by fans of P.O.D. and Mr. Bungle.

In 1998, Tooth & Nail Records issued a new EP: ''Empty Box''.

In 2000, ''A Thought Crushed My Mind'' was released. This album explored a harsher, more hardcore side than the band's debut, and vocalist/chief lyricist Christian Lindskog also voiced his pain of missing his wife, Elina, while touring. Due to lackluster sales of the two albums, it would be Blindside's final album for Solid State. P.O.D. began actively endorsing Blindside and signed them to Elektra Records under the imprint 3 Points.

2002 saw the release of Blindside's next album, ''Silence''. It generated minor hits such as "Sleepwalking," "Pitiful," and "Caught a Glimpse." In 2003, they toured with Hoobastank to support the album. Some fans consider thi...

years active 1994–present
status Active
origin Stockholm
country Sweden
music genre Christian rock
current members Christian Lindskog
Simon Grenehed
Tomas Näslund
Marcus Dahlström
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia