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Blood Divine

Blood Divine

"The Blood Divine" was a British doom metal band, founded by Paul Allender and brothers Paul and Benjamin Ryan, after the three left Cradle of Filth during the recording of the ''Vempire (or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein)'' EP. They were soon joined by ousted Anathema singer Darren White, as well as drummer William A. 'W.A.S.' Sarginson and bassist Steve Maloney.

The band released ''Awaken'' through Peaceville Records in 1996. Allender left during the recording of the band's follow up album, ''Mystica'', released in 1997, again through Peaceville Records. Benjamin Ryan quit the band some time in April 1998, and by May, the rest of the unit folded shop and the band fell to ashes.

In 2002, Peaceville released the Blood Divine compilation album ''Rise Pantheon Dreams''. The tracklist included songs from both ''Awaken'' and ''Mystica'', as well as two previously-unreleased tracks ("Revolt" and "Forever Belongs"), a live version of "Aureole", and a live cover of The Osmonds' "Crazy Horses".

Allender later rejoined Cradle of Filth. Sarginson briefly joined Cradle of Filth before the band settled in with Swedish drummer Adrian Erlandsson.

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