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Bloodhound Gang

"The Bloodhound Gang" is a American rock band with a punk-influenced sound. They are originally from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The group formed in 1992.

The Bloodhound Gang first started out as a small alternative band in 1992 called Bang Chamber 8. The band consisted of Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs. The released one known tape, which was self titled. Soon they changed their name to the Bloodhound Gang, and changed their musical style. Unable to get booked at any clubs, The Bloodhound Gang first performed in the extra room at Evil Jared Hasselhoff's house, in exchange for Schlitz, Marlboros, and a chance to hand out their first demo tape, entitled ''Just Another Demo''. When the floor caved in one night, they began performing every month at CBGBs in New York City.

In April 1994, the band released their second demo tape, ''The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Hitler's Handicapped Helpers''. This landed them a record deal with Cheese Factory Records. In November 1994, they finally released their first EP, ''Dingleberry Haze''.

In the summer of 1994, Jimmy Pop had a small role in the short independent film ''The C...

years active 1992 – Present (time)
origin Quakertown, Pennsylvania
country USA
music genre Rock music
current members Jimmy Pop
DJ Q-Ball
Evil Jared Hasselhoff
Lüpüs Thünder
The Yin
past members Bubba K Love
Blue (musician)
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia