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"Botch" was a mathcore band from Tacoma, Washington, that formed in 1993 and disbanded in 2002. The band released two full-lengths and a bunch of smaller releases including their ep "Anthology of dead ends". Their second album "We Are The Romans" is considered influential on contemporary hardcore and metal. Its members went on to form Roy, Minus the Bear, and These Arms are Snakes among others. Decibel Magazine inducted ''We Are the Romans'' into its Hall of Fame in November 2005. The long awaited Botch DVD featuring live footage from the band's final show is currently being edited by Suspended in Light Studios and should be released later in 2006.

*Dave Verellen – vocals

*Dave Knudson – guitar

*Tim Latona – drums

*Brian Cook – bass

*''Faction'' 7", World of Hurt/Threshold, 1995.

*''The John Birch Conspiracy Theory'' 7", Phyte, 1996.

*''The Unifying Themes of Sex, Death and Religion'', Excursion, 1997.

*Split 7" with nineironspitfire, Indecision, 1997.

*''American Nervoso'', Hydra Head, June 1998.

*''The Edge of Quarrel'' (split 7" with Murder City Devils), Excursion, 1999.

*''In These Black Days Vol. V'' (split 7" with Cav...

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