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"Bracket" is a pop punk band from Forestville, California, formed in 1992. Their unique style of melodic and emotional, yet catchy songs (many of which are written about Warren Rake, a friend of Zack Charlos) have made them a fairly popular band in the independent pop-punk scene.frame|From left to right--Zack Charlos, Ray Castro, Marty Gregori, and Larry Tinney

At El Molino High School, Larry, self admittedly the world's biggest AC/DC fan, heard of a freshman kid in school, named Marty, who also claimed to be the biggest AC/DC fan of all time. Upon investigation, he found that they had quite a bit in common and began teaching each other guitar chords. Zack knew Marty from their freshman year in high school, and heard that he and some other guys were trying to form a band, but needed a singer. Zack couldn't sing a note, but he kind of hung out until they needed a bass player.

In the meantime, a drummer was needed. Marty knew Ray from kindergarten and reunited with him in high school. Under the name of High Output, they all started jamming on cover songs by Tom Petty, CCR and the Rolling Stones, just to name a few. They played weddings, barmitzvahs and every kegger in high...

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