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Brian Jonestown Massacre

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"The Brian Jonestown Massacre" is a psychedelic rock band founded in San Francisco, California in the early 1990s, led by Anton Newcombe. They are now most famous for their role in the 2004 documentary ''DiG!'', which details their explosive onstage antics and their feud with fellow '60's psych-rock revivalists the Dandy Warhols. The band is currently based in New York City.

Over its decade-long history, the band has undergone a large number of personnel changes. Multi-instrumentalist and main songwriter Anton Newcombe is the only member who has stayed with the Brian Jonestown Massacre since its beginning, when it was founded by Newcombe, tambourine player Joel Gion (who stayed with him the longest), and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Matt Hollywood. There are at least two dozen musicians who have been in the BJM at one point or another.

Ex-members include: guitarist Jeff Davies; guitarist Reginald Shumway; Matt Hollywood, a founding member of Portland band The Out Crowd; Peter Hayes, founding m...

years active 1990 - present
status Active
origin San Francisco, California
music genre Psychedelic music
current members Anton Newcombe
Collin Hegna
Frankie "Teardrop" Emerson
Ricky Maymi
Daniel Allaire
Joel Gion
Rob Campanella
past members Matt Hollywood
Dean Taylor
Jeffrey Davies
Miranda Lee Richards
Peter Hayes (singer)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia